How does blender save the object, the textures, and the meta-rigging together?

My scene involves 1 object (3D model) with its 2 materials, 2 corresponding textures and 1 meta-rigging I am often confused by the way blender saves files, for example:

  • When I save the texture as a new file, this new file is created in my directory but the file that the material refers to in blender has a name of its own - and that name is usually the name of the original file plus a β€œ.001” after the file extension (ex. blenderTexture.png.001)
    • When does blender create this .001 version? Where does it save it internally? Is this version linked to the original texture file or to the most recent version of this texture file I have saved (under a different name)?
  • I assume blender somehow saves file paths in order to associate the path to the texture file with the material, that is itself part of the object. If this is indeed the case, how can I make sure that I can open the my 3D model with the right textures and meta-rigging on different computers?
    • So far I save the blender file and .blend files associated with 1 3D model in the same folder, along with the image files for the textures and exports of the object (.fbx). I feel like I’m missing some information about how Blender connects these different elements together and how these should be saved in relation to one another.

Blender refers to the locale files; under Blender Preferences β†’ Save & Load you can make them relative; images can be packed into the blend-file (usefull to share, maybe not so good idea while modeling because of texture changes/big files). If you refer to other blend-files and want to share them it’s a good idea to think about directory layout or to be sure everthing is flat (that’s even a layout) and maybe pack them in a zip (?). The names of the textures are taken from the image file names but you can name them differently (body.png / Body, body_norm.png/ BodyNormal)… the 001… well if you changed or copied it in blender … or do you wanna refer to the same image ? Then maye thing about your workflow.

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