How does Blender work?

Im trying to use blender animation software to make a minecraft animation, but I don’t know how it works. Can someone give me instructions please?

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It works very well, thank you very much. Once you learn where the controls are, and what they do.

To find out, see the top of this page, where it says “GET STARTED IN BLENDER”. There is a pull-down menu there, one of the options is: “Learn Blender Basics.” Click on that, and you’ll be taken to a page with a lot of beginner tutorials on using Blender. Now, they won’t be about Minecraft, per se. But do them anyway, so when you do find the Minecraft animation tutorials, you’ll know what they are talking about.

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The reason you are seeing so much snark is that your question is too vague. “How I make an animation?” is a question that involves too many disciplines.
Do you have the scenario ready, but need to model the characters? Do you have the characters, but need to animate them? Do you need to build everything from scratch…?

Focus yourself on a single aspect of that animation you want to make, then ask us about it. At the very least, you could ask: What do I need to learn to make a Minecraft animation?

Blender “works” by pixie magic and fairy dust…

but in all reality, it will take years of learning to master (if thats even possible) blender.

just to have the skills required to make an animation, it will take many many months, and much learning.

you should try googling “blender tutorials for beginners”

You might be interested in the remesh modifier in blocks mode which can help make the voxel look of Minecraft.

Though yeah, you’ll still need to go through the basic modeling tutorials until you know how “modifiers” work exactly and to able to make a shape for you to modify.

Also an approach I first used on my game Trampoline Cop while making a very cube-shaped city.

You’ll still have to go through the other tutorials to get familiar with the interface. This is no substitute for basic tutorials, but it’s some things you might find handy if you’re making cube-shaped stuff.

In Object Mode:
Add > Mesh > Grid
Set X Subdivisions to 9, Y Subdivisions to 9, Radius to 4
Switch to Edit Mode:
Hit 7 so you’re looking from Top
Mesh > UV Unwrap … > Project From View (Bounds)

Maybe you’ll need to set your bottom window view to UV/Image Editor. I think that’s not the default view.

Then in a paint program, you can make a texture image with 8x8 64 different images, and you can switch between them by shifting the UVs. Go to the UV/Image Editor window and select Image > Open Image

Some keys that come in handy then:
C for circle select (You probably want to set select mode to Face because you’ll usually work with a whole square at a time.)
A selects all, A a second time deselects
When you have something selected, Y will disconnect it from anything not selected
G will let you move the selected face. (There’s also blue green and red arrows that will move along one axis.)
Shift-D will duplicate a selected face.
CTRL snaps things to a grid while you’re moving them.

So basically, I’d assemble cubes by duplicating faces and rotating them 90 degrees.

Now, it’s also pretty quick to make cube-shaped things by starting with a cube and extruding faces, and a lot of tutorials will do it that way. And it’s probably easier to make the shapes that way. The reason I did this was it was easier for me to keep the UV mapping consistent.