How does everyone make eyes move

How do you make the eyes of your character move while deforming the armature?. I have a way to do it but i was wondering if there are better ways.

My way:

  1. Add a new empty and have it copy rotation, location, and scale, to head bone.
  2. Parent your eyes to empty.

Bcuz if your eyes are just parented to your body mesh they won’t move when you animate your character.

Instead of using an empty, you’re better off using a bone, will make animation / keying / actions / NLA all much easier.

Take a look at the rigs in my “Best of Blender” thread for examples of how to setup eyes.


You can get the exact same effect by parenting the eyes directly to the head bone. The empty is not necessary.

Personally I just parent to the headbone then animate them by using the rotate widget on the right eye, and using a copy rotation constraint on the left.