How does Help->System->Benchmark work?

I’m writing Manual/Help and when I click Help->System->Benchmark, it says I have the wrong window type. help?!

((kinda funny I need help writing the help page) :eek:

I had the default screen open in 2.43 just now, and I got a menu showing :
recalc ob
recalc data

And I picked draw and it thought for a moment and spit out a bar with some data.

Hope that helps, Papa.

thanks Craig! I had the scripts window open. You’ve just helped the wiki, that helps you. Kindof a circular handshake thing. What kind of cookie for you…hmmm…I know, Keebler’s rich and chips - 'cause they sorta look like little pizzas with pepperonies on them.

C&C on new page welcome. njoy.

Looks good, Papa, and that was a very yummy cookie - though I’m glad they’re not pizza flavored :slight_smile:
And the circle continues, since a lot of that info was unknown to me before - everyday, learn something new everyday… someday i’ll be able to go back to school :slight_smile: