How does one create "continuous" textures?

My choice of words was probably a bad one, but let me explain in pictures.

Currently my floor looks like this.

As you can see, even though I’m using the same texture on all the meshes, it’s very easy to tell where a mesh ends and another one begins.

How can I make it so that the mesh I’m currently selecting and all its adjacent meshes appear to have a single smooth continuous texture?

If you use GIMP, this may help:

or play around with the offset filter in photo shop (The hard way)

The Texturize plugin for Gimp looks awesome! I’ll be sure to play around with it.

Thanks for all the input!

The example you gave seems a bit challenging to make continuous tiles to (in the y axis), even with the offset tools in Photoshop and Gimp.

If you want to search for ready-made textures or tutorials on how to do this, use the keyword “seamless”.

For “intentionally repetitive” patterns like those you would use as wallpaper, carpeting, flooring, etc., you should be all set by using the plugins or the offset feature of your imaging applications.

For stuff like food, rocks, clouds, etc. (stuff placed in semi-random locations that still look evenly distributed), be careful of unwanted repetitive patterns as they would make your scene look fake. Although you will not have that hard line (seam), our eyes will still detect the repetition. Having a “large enough” image to seamlessly tile will help.

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