How does one make a grid on irregular-shaped object?

Hello, how do I make a grid on a irregular-shaped object?

I know how to make a grid on a normal shaped plane via loop cuts but with a irregular shaped plane loop cuts does not appear to work. The question is how do I achieve the same or similar result as the normal shaped plane on the right onto the left plane which is irregular? [Note: the left plane is not for any actual modeling work, just a object to help explain my question.]

You may be headed down a dark road here, there are a few ways to do it, although you may not not to do it at all What is your ultimate goal here? Also if you made all those vertices with loop cuts you are doing a lot of extra work, just subdivide if you want cuts in both directions.

Maybe try with the remesh modifier if you’re looking for an automated (and so not that good) solution

by example you have your big ngon face

give it depth by extruding it (the remesh modifier can’t work on a simple plane, ngon or not)

add a Remesh modifier with a octree of 4 or 5 (test by applying and looking in the edit mode to see the result, simply undo if not good enough) and apply it
In Edit mode by example with an octree 5 :

Delete the extruded side and you should be back with something (as it will not be exactly the same as your original plane)

My ultimate goal was to have a grid of vertices so my irregularly shaped sail on my wooden ‘ship of the line’ type ship would function correctly in the cloth simulator.

I’ll try the remesh modifier tomorrow morning, and report back with it’s status.

[EDIT]: The remesh modifier works perfectly for my sail. Now I have a functional sail in the cloth simulator, thanks all!