How does one make sure the game is smooth?

I have an “app” I’m making with the game engine and when activating an action from logic that causes simple and slow movement of the camera the “frame rate” is too low. It is not smooth at all. I am moving the camera very slowly (maybe 50 units over 400 frames) and the scene is not really that complex. Are there settings I should check to make sure it is smooth and does not look like it is running at 24 fps?

Can you post your .blend and let us take a look? It might be a number of things.

It might also be something on your end, how does your hardware look?

indeed, i guess you got the animation frame rate at 24 fps not at 60 or something?
(properties-render tab(camera one), scroll down to display, animation frame rate)

Thank you for the replies. I was assuming that I was missing a setting. Turns out it was the shading. When I set all of the materials to “shadeless” and used the textures to light them instead of lamps, it ran much smoother.


how many lamp do you use? most common pc’s can handle 4-8, high end can handle more.
and if it is the shading, maybe put it on multitexture instead of glsl?

The pc I am putting this on has some pretty low specs. It is a 55" touchscreen tv pc. I was using a lot of lamps for shadows and such but it looks good now on shadeless with baked lighting and such. Thanks for your help!