How does one suppress interpolation of video frames?

I am making video animations from very small frames, as small as 8x6 pixels. I want to enlarge them for the animation, up to maybe 400x300, but Blender applies interpolation (probably bicubic) which blurs the image. What I want is a 8x6 array of large squares (50x50 in the case of the numbers mentioned). GIMP does the same thing when I scale an image up a lot but it offers the option to use different interpolations, including NONE, which is what I want. Can someone tell me how to scale the images up without interpolation? Thank you.

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You can use a VES transform effect first to shrink the image…

Make sure to set interpolation to off.

Next and another Transform effect onto the first, and reverse the scale. Enlarging the image. Make sure that Interpolation is off again.