How does the lamps and lights shining goes like?

I’ll be posting a new screenshot for right here on the options which shows how the lamp works to shining light onto your model

It shows the five options shown and I’m using the monkey as the practice which is the warmup

What shows right now is the AREA so how does the next steps go?

Thanks very much! :wink:

Lights in preview are working with GLSL and IIRC not with all lamps.
You use a stoneold blender version and I forgot where the setting was, search for blender 2.49 and GLSL.
We are at 2.65a, it is like using Word 5 for DOS. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib.

for intro to light set up
go to the wiki pages there are douzen of pages on light set up lamps ect…

it is a vast subject and can take some times to get use too!


Thanks, but unfortunately I’m going to stick with the 2.49 version and the newest ones will have too much controlling options on it and if there is anyone out there with that version that I’m using out there I’d be glad for him to lend me a hand on it!

Thanks! :wink:

its almost the samething
you should go with lastest 2.65 SVN
it’s much more powerfull then 2.49!


If this is not a matter of some investment or need in some addon which works only in v2.49 there’s really no sense to use it. However nothing prevents you from having 2.65 along with 2.49 which is already installed on your pc.
There is zipped bundle of official blender available on Blender website which you need to just unzip in separate folder, directory, and it runs not relaying on other things installed as opposed to 2.49.
It has not a lot more options - these are just easy accessible - right at your mouse or fingertips (sure there is a lot more under the hood ;)). It runs fine on a bit old-fashioned hardware too if what. Plus - it starts up with the same default cube in 3d view and has Suzanne in primitives list.

Go try some time,
Regards and Happy Blending!

So the answer is that I should get this newest Blender version and that the options are still the same as that older version I’m using?

There might be some incompatibilities concerning animation internals but as far as modeling goes you can model in new version and get it back into 2.49 if you use Legacy option while saving project.

If you are already familiar with how to work in 2.49 there is really little to no difficulties to switch over. Just a matter of a bit exploring around and getting used to the interface, main arguing point being horizontal/vertical tool shelf change.
Some quite cryptic named 2.49 interface elements are mostly named fully, which means they could be found.
Spacebar Help - brings on text field you write some letters and are given the list of commands containing those…
There is little help material left on the internet to 2.49 while for the 2.5 and 2.6 you’ll find plenty.

I had 2.49 lying around almost never being used but after changing my OS to the newer one month or so ago it’s not there anymore.
There are some forum members still using 2.49 - McThingy being one of them, i guess- try to PM them if there is no answer on the Internet and you still don’t want to switch.

That’s about it in my pros list and i really have too little legacy to name a lot of cons.
Good luck!

The answer is that you’re not doing yourself any favors by sticking with 2.49 unless there is some obscure addon that hasn’t been updated yet. 2.65 is better in pretty much every way, and is easier to use as well.

Then if that’s what you recommend then I will have to get that newest version and thanks very much! :wink: