How does the Mancandy Rig Work in Depth?

Hello everyone,

I ve started getting interested in rigging and animation. Therefore i d like to understand how rigs like Mancandy or Ludwig do work. Could you please post some links on the techniques used in this rigs? cause i do not even know how to create these controls :confused:
for the face and the controls at the feet of mancandy …

thanks in advance

This ED blog post by Bassamdescribes some of Mancandy’s features. It’s over a year old so some details may have changed.

i have already read somewhere that it has something to do with lattices? is that right ?

There’s no magic website around that will make you understand these rigs. The best way is to just muck around with em, break em, move em, edit them, pose em, unhide all the bones, lattices etc, and muck around with em.
Yes mancandy does use a lot of lattices, well, at least it has a LOT of lattice modifiers applied.

On Bassam’s blog he explains how the lattices work in one of the posts. He does not explain it in depth but there is enough good information that it should give you a good head start for understanding where to look.

thank you all very much :slight_smile: i ve also found some very useful information in the Blender Summer of Documentation. it is great stuff what they offer there although it is some times incomlete. anyway thanks :slight_smile: