How does this cube looks like it is rotating but it is not?

I tried to replicate it in Blender by just changing the background color but I still didn’t manage to achieve the effect.

This f my brain in so many levels:

Here we are trying so hard to animate stuff nicely, to create a sense of motion, but right here is an example of motion from…from where ?

Can someone teach me how to replicate this ?
This is very useful if we can do that for 3D characters.
Don’t have to animate them and yet they stay in perpetual motion [seems to be].

the color of the cube’s outline is also changing

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This is an optical illusion, a simple pixel program like GIMP is sufficient.

That’s the thing, I walked as FAR BACK as I could so that the thin “shim” is negligible and YET THE CUBE IS STILL FREAKING MOVING !

How does this work ?
I want to use it for 3D characters, that would be hella cool !
No actual animation but it will look like it is moving !

Thanks for the link, it’s very interesting !
But I couldn’t find the one that directly explain this, my purpose is to learn to replicate it more than trying to find out how it actually work ;p
But yeah…how does it work…?

See how the black and white lines change. Maybe that’s just 3 frames you can create in Gimp. Search for optical illusions

Thank you.

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