how does this look

ive just made this planet scene and i think it looks ok but i also think it could look alot better but i dont know what to change,any suggestions.



The sunn coming around the planet looks good, I do think that you need to make the other half of the planet have some bumpy texture to it because right now it looks like a smooth part of the planet, and you also might want to make the texture look smaller because right now it kindof looks like water unless thats what your going for. uh yeah thats about it good work can’t wait to see the finished product. :smiley:

The stars wouldn’t be visible when you’re looking into such a bright object like the sun. However, if you want to show the stars they should be smaller and dimmer, but there should be far more of them.

Is this planet supposed to have an atmosphere? If so, an easy way to do it (although not the most realistic) is to create a semi-transparent (95% transparent is about right) blue sphere that’s only slightly larger than the planet. To think about how far the atmosphere should extend out into space, the radius of the Earth is 6,378 kilometers in diameter. The atmosphere extends about 8.5 kilometers above the surface of the earth. Therefore, the atmospheric sphere should be about 1.00133 times the size of the sphere if you want it to resemble earth.