how does this work?

Hint i did NOT use UV - no unwrapping when i added the cube and odd sphere.

i need to know how the decal manages to appear on the objects.
moving the empty moves the decal.
i think the decal picture is packed - if not let me know, as i don’t see how to pack blender files now.


decaltemp.blend (472 KB)

The material for each of the objects is using the same emptys coordinates to apply the decal image (Map Input settings)


but how do i do another one!
i still don’t understand how to put images on with an empty

when i start with a new blender file, how do i get the image on the object the way this blend file does?
note there is no UV distortion cos there is no UV!


the answer is:
in the “map input” field Ob: the name of the empty.