How Does TurboSquid's Exclusivity Program Work?

So I was looking at how to sell models on TurboSquid and I noticed that they had a particularly low royalty of 40%. I then saw TurboSquid’s Squid Guild program that allowed me to gain more royalties at the cost of exclusively selling them on TurboSquid.

  I'm confused about how this works. Does this mean that I am forbidden from ever selling any models on other sites, or does it mean that when I make a model and sell it on TurboSquid I'm not allowed to sell that particular model on other sites?

I imagine it applies only to the models you sell on Turbosquid. But why are you not asking Turbosquid? They wrote the terms and conditions.

I would ask them directly, but I don’t have an account on their site. So since I already have an account on this forum, I decided to ask here first.

I would still advise any questions regarding Turbosquid terms and conditions should be directed to Turbosquid:-

Thank you for the links, I’ll try asking them later.