How does undo/redo work?

I understand that Ctrl + “Z” and Ctrl + Shift + “Z” are the short cuts for undo / redo respectively. I also seem to have settings in the user preferences for my undo history which seem fine, yet I seem to often find myself in a situation where trying to undo actually doesnt seem to do anything.

For example I have a different post about problems arising with particles not doing what I intended, well in that situation for example I tried to Undo so that I could get back to the way it was and figure out what I was doing, but Undo did nothing and this happens regularly so I just end up closing and reopening my scene to the last saved point since it seems to not undo anything.

Thank you!

You should use undo and redo sparingly in blender, i think redoing them is somewhere in the pipeline.

Undo in edit mode and object mode is separated, for example doing an action in edit mode and then pressing the undo button in object mode will return the object to the state it was in before you entered edit mode.

Undo just stopped working in blender today. I didn’t change any software that I’m aware of, nor any setting. I’m working on a file from yesterday, when undo was working.

Now, even after restarting blender and testing with a new, default scene… still no Undo.

I just logged out, then back in, and still no Undo.

But Undo is still working properly in blender 2.78.

Aha! It seems to somehow be related to the current Scene.

When I create a new scene, in the same file in blender 2.79 that won’t Undo, my new scene seems to have normal Undo/Redo and Undo History.

Appparently, I needed to create a new scene in blender to ‘wake up’ the Undo functions.

Quitting blender didn’t help.

Logging out of my Mac didn’t help.

Adding a new, empty scene seems to have helped. Now the original scene has Undo again.

If you save your file, you cant undo anything anymore .

I will love to see a function in Blender similar to Autocad, called the “ghost” function ( hidden function ) … everything you do, everything is stored in the file… when you create, modifiy, delete, when call a command, everything is stored. when calling this command, you can even recall a deleted object created years ago, for a bolean as example, and got it back for use it again. ( the object will not exist as it is, but is usable ( hence why it is called the ghost function. )


Look in - User Preferences - Editing Tap if Global Undo is turned off.


I believe you’re experiencing a bug, maybe a different one, maybe the same, but… blender should definitely be able to undo, and show you its undo history, after saving your file. I rely on it regularly, and just tested it moments ago.

I like the idea of saving the history of the file into the file, as you described. At least, in theory. Sounds nice.