How does 'Vertex target group' work with soft body edges?

Hi, I’m a noob,

I’ve worked out how to use vertex groups with a soft body goal, but how do vertex groups work with soft body edges? I’ve played around with it a bit, and it doesn’t really seem to do anything.

If it is possible to set different edge spring stiffnesses to different vertex groups on a mesh that would be awesome! But, I can’t seem to get it working.

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Superdweebie (Tim)

I don’t think that’s possible. You should mention it to a developer though and see if it wouldn’t be too hard.


It is possible to use weight paint to adjust how much individual edges act as a goal. See here for more details:

You can use this to control which vertices behave as pure soft bodies, which act as rigid meshes, and which behave as something inbetween.

Thanks ZombieJohn and rawpigeon.

Unfortunately weight paint doesn’t do what I was hoping to do. Weight paint alters the degree to which a vertex is effected by the physics simulation. I was hoping to have all vertexes fully effected by the physics simulation (no goal), and then alter the edge stiffness of the mesh for just some parts of the object. For example, it would allow a car chassis with susspension to be built out of a single mesh - and simplify lots of other mechanical simulations.

You can do that for cloth, via the stiffness scaling (on the ‘Advanced’ panel), but the option doesn’t seem to be available for softbodies.

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Mass and spring strength painting sneaked into 2.49b.
If you turn on the big UI on the soft body panel you can select the vertex groups for that.

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