How easy is animation compared to other programs out there?


I’m still trying to learn the interface but I tried the animation editor and I could somewhat see how everything worked (but my model had really bad rigging so I didn’t get to play)

But I wanted to know, out of curiosity how does the tools compare to other packages? (not the super expensive ones, but I wouldn’t mind comparison as well to that)

But I mean ones like

Iclone 5

Some people who worked in maya decided to animate in other programs for how much easier it was, I’m just curious from your experince with blender and other animation tools. Is it easier to use? Harder to use? How is it’s workflow?

I’m mainly coming into 3D wanting to be an animator, as I already have background in video editing and after effects. On that note, I’d like know in a comparison matter similar to “nuke vs after effects” or “premier vs sony vegas”

you can do the same thing in both of those programs, but AE is alot easier then nuke, and Vegas is alot easier then premier, but of course both less featured I think.

Curious to hear your opinions on it here.