How far can Blender convert to Maya?

Until now, I’ve been converting Blender made meshes into Maya as obj format. This has been very useful for a 3D animation course I am studying (I prefer Blender as a modeling tool at home).

But how much of rigging, weight painting etc can be done in Blender and then imported into Maya?

I have seen bvh files which suggest that transferring armatures and possibly the animation of them should be possible. I don’t have much time to muck around though…

…hence I’m asking.

What methods would people use to…

  • Export a blender made rig to Maya
  • Export UV maps from Blender to Maya (I think obj conversion might already do this)
  • Export weight paints to Maya.Can the above be done while maintaining integrity of the files? (e.g: not having to redo the weight paints etc because they converted badly)

Thanks in advance.

I don’t have Maya but FBX format works for exporting simple rigs into Carrara.
Or Collada if Maya imports that format.


Thanks for that. I tried FBX and it does seem to work, only any procedural textures are very bad (probably fixable) and armatures are kind of all linked in the wrong places. Might be a matter of ticking the right boxes in the dialogue which came up when I made the import.

You’re welcome.
Yes I know sometimes I get weird results as well and I don’t know if it’s the exporter
or Carrara’s importer.


BTW are you using version 2.45? I think that Ideasman was working on the exporter all the way up to the release of 2.45 so if you are using an earlier version it might not be complete.


Yes. One of the cool advantages of Open Source. Still using 8.5 Maya.