How far do we need to take the retopology?

I tried to retopology a sculpt in order to get it better suited for animating later. From the examples I saw, it seems like people want as few faces as possible, so I am not sure if I reached a good number in the end. The ear and nose in particular end up with a lot of faces.

The final countdown is 5,5k faces for the head mesh, with 1 level of subdivision. Still need to do the body. Is this too much? What is a good number to aim for?

That’s really not a lot of faces. Mostly it depends on what you want to achieve with the final model. If it’s going to be still images then what you have is perfect. If you wanted to do complex facial animation then you may need a bit more detail.

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One time a client wanted a dragon model with 2000 faces total. That is not in my power to make. However, it depends on the kind of game you’d be making this for, obviously. Personally this head looks good. You can definitely erase some loops from the ear… hold on, it’s attached. Well, I’d still try to erase loops from the ears.

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