How far i am away from member title?

Can i track or see somewhere what i need to do to get the member title?
I got it once and it was fun to vote for the feature section =P.

We dont give out specifics, but there isnt anything in particular you’re missing out on, just general engagement on the forum.

Does this stuff even work? I mean, I’m a new user forever, even though I joined in 2017… :rofl:

Ah good to know. Its hard to do when your guessing whats missing but was lately more creating than helping.

That’s a good question. Don’t know if there’s anything above member status ,but joined in 2015 and got member status in 2018.

Found this


The system works, but somewhere along the line, “titles” either stopped updating, or got frozen even tho you were promoted.

Your role was member, but your title was new user. I removed your title.

@bartv maybe its possible to wipe all “member” and “new user” titles? Considering they get stuck like this.

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We don’t use titles, never have. What you’re seeing is a remnant from the import from vBulletin, I need to clean that up some time as Finalbarrage mentions :slight_smile:

Since you’re mentioning feature voting, I think you’re confusing this with “Trust Level 3” membership, I’ll DM you your current status so you can see what your score it.

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Thank you!

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