How Fast your computer??

when i hav my object subdived,or load a bigger model in to my blender, my computer becomes very slow, I wonder how can people work in this statu,do they all have good hardware setup?

i use:
cpu duron 1.83g
grafic card is geforce4 mx 440

what do you guys use?

What is the level of subsurf you are using? Don’t set it too high or your computer will crash. My guess is your graphics card can’t handle the large number of verticies in the scene. I am not familiar with the MX 440. I myself have an FX 5700 which is great at dealing with complex scenes.

You may want to look into a better card (if the 440 is an oldish one); they aren’t that expensive.


Use lower subsurf and try to play with “set smooth” and “autosmooth” for a smoother looking mesh rather than increasing the subsurf level.

Simple your CPU is ok and your graphics card is poop. Also how much RAM do you have? I would try and have 1GB atleast. The GeForce 440 is very old. Try and find a FX5500 256MB card, it’s only about 50-60dollars. I’m guessing you have an older system and unless you want to get a new mobo you will most likely need a graphics card that fits a PCI slot.

Something of note is that an Intel processer does better with multimedia work and 3D modeling then an AMD one will.

m y computer has a 1.8GHz CPU and a geForce FX 5500. o would say ur graphics card isnt good enough and also dnt set the Subsurf or Subdivsion too high. hope it was some use.

Lower the subsurf. Work with the “Optimal” button on and the subsurf on. You’ll be surprised at how good low poly renderings can look.

Try rendering a round paper cup with a square mesh. It looks good and renders fast.

What no one has yet mentioned also is to make sure your graphics drivers are up-to-date. Don’t use the crummy M$ default ones --get the latest and greatest straight from the nVidia website. It really makes a difference!

Hope this helps.

i have same specs…just dont rely on subsurf to much…the more you subsurf the slower it will run in games…thats fun thoguh…challenges you to model better…

but I still got a question

how did people make animation in antient time,we see jurazic park in 1993 and toy story in 1995,at that time people dont have cpu which can compare the one now we have,how did those people make animation,i think my computer is definetly better than they have at that age,do i really need the hardware which you guys mention?

If you have many complex models you could use layers

i m curious about how can ppl make animation at that time,did those movie maker all have super computer?

But they did have supercomputers: Silicon Graphics

The graphic card IS good enough for Blender. Just adjust your subsurf settings.

Note that you can set a lower subsurf for the interface than for the render. Interface doesn’t need higher subsurf than ‘1’ IMHO.

My PC is kinda slow. And I need to clean my fan(Sounds like a hamster wheel)

Well, you have to consider, back then, PIXAR’s funding was quite large and their computers were specifically designed for animation (I believe they use MAC based servers, which is far superior than the “IBM” PCs that we use at home). In fact they invented new techniques for animation, for the Toy Story project which led to better animation for part 2.

Now, if you remember NASA’s animations of the first space shuttle, and demo videos, that they released for the news media to broadcast on TV, you’ll see that they were kind of good looking, but nothing nearly as good as some of the Blender projects rendered on the home PC, seen here in recent times.

Other than the game engine for Blender, your video card doesn’t play much of a role in processing speed. So that GeForce MMX 440 card is good enough.

Toy story was rendered on Sun computers with renderman:


that computer is amazin i think even in today’s view point , its still very fast

thanks for your opinion i mean all of you


Geforce 4 MX 440 is on AGP slot.

It was true… 5 years ago.
You see any Intel in the top 20 scores here? :slight_smile:

Edit: the Geforce 5500 you advised to buy has fillrate of 1.2 Gigapixels, and his 440 has 1 Gigapixels… spending 50$ just for 20% performance diffrence? :stuck_out_tongue: