How fix blender screencast.

anyway to make the blender screencast keep going even
if you press enter OR use the rotate manipulator?

So annoying that if you do either your screen cast stops and it ruins the whole thing. :frowning:

make it so you have to press the button to stop the screencast. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like using blenders internal screencast but i guess i have to switch to camstudio
can anyone suggest a good codec for that?

Have you tried turning if off and on?
Have you tried re-installing it?
No seriously, this is a weird problem that I have never had, when screen cast is on for me, the only way to turn it off is by pressing the button to turn it off. Something seems awry with your system.

Codecs: depends on what you’re using it for. If it’s professional grade tutorials, use something like H.264 for video encoding. Or look up loss-less video formats.

try doing a “blender screencast” then rotate an object with the manipulator,
then in the toolbar at the bottom left type in 45deg. press enter or just click away…

See if your screencast stops…

it stops on mine… not sure why.


I just noticed that the screencast stops if you input ANY values into the toolbar
even if you do it for translate.