How fool the human are

Always fighting, no peace…Really, WTF?

yeah i agree…animals better, they only fight when they are hungry . XD

It’s a direct result of the improper development of the second circuit. Gosh don’t you guys ever read:ba:

Well wars are usually about resources… even when they are glazed over with religion, patriotism or any other excuse available.

The weird thing is, people would rather believe in a lie to go to war, than the true reason. Pointing out a true reason often gets a lot of emotional response…so much for rationale.

Also the “memory” of humans goes way past logic, I mean people still hold a grudge for stuff that happened to somebody else for more than 600 years ago… and hold totally innocent bystanders responsible for stuff because they just happen to “look different”.

It’s human nature. If we took away all the religion, people would argue over who is the better atheist.

Big movements eventually break apart into fractions and fight for all reasons they can find.

Are you 13?

It is human to fear anything that’s different, it’s a safeguard: if something is new, get a look at it before eating it.
The weird thing with humans, (and rats) is that they will eat almost anything, after having tested wether it’s eddible. That’s what makes a succesfull species: being able to use your environment to it’s best possibilities, even changing it.
The problem with such an incredibly fiendishly intelligent species is that it doesn’t take long before figuring out that nicking the stuff off from somebody else can be way easyer.
It takes a lot longer to discover that it’s only when you start thinking about the long run that you can go further than nicking stuff off of each other, and start planting crops and sharing your wealth to a mutual benefit.

  1. people are different
  2. some people have been taught it’s normal to be against anything that is different. That makes them different.
  3. mix rule one and rule two, enjoy.

I think it’s more social nature to fear what is different. I find evidence of this in the fact that a child is more likely to approach something unfamiliar than an adult.

Oh yeah, and the second circuit as well… >_>

If we took away all the religion, people would argue over who is the better atheist.

Great phrase. :wink:

Well put. That goes into my “quotes to remember”-list :wink:

Perhaps you should read a little more here on the forum. You’d have the answer yourself. And NO! - you’re not even nearly close.

Something that always amazes me, is the ability of humans to take the extraordinary for granted. We get something new, tire of it and then want something even newer/bigger. Then our friend/neighbor gets something better and now our new toy seems to have lost it’s shine. Then of course, many of us struggle with the idea that we are not created equal. Of course we were all told that we are as kids, but really Ladies and Gentlemen, we know that not to be the case. Some people are born rich, others poor. Some are born smarter than others. That’s fine, this is reality - but it still doesn’t stop us from wanting what the others have, nor does it stop us becoming frustrated when we work so hard for what others acquire with little or no effort.

Then you get the arrogant, heartless people that truly believe (and let others know) that they are in fact ‘better’ than other groups of people. - While they may have found themselves in a more fortunate position in life, or to believe in this over that, or they find themselves in a position that leaves them unable to realise that different people hold different values, they often don’t realise that their values are just as silly to those whose values they find lacking in merit.

While I might respect your values, I’ll not share a great number of them. This is fine, we’re different. Failing to accept that another person’s values are as important to them as ours are to us can cause the kind of behaviour that results in missionaries being sent to far away parts of the world to ‘convert the savages’ to our “better” system of values and gods.

If only we could learn to respect and appreciate one another’s differences, and concentrate on earning the money that we need - not the money we want because Joe Blow earns it, or because we earned this much last year and now we want to earn more (neglecting, of course the realities of inflation)

Evolution has not helped at all.
Humans are a brilliant example of the fact that more brainpower
(or even having a brain), doesn’t mean a better species.
I wanna be a dolphin :frowning: .

I just have a hard time believing that a person that is 55 years old would post something like this.

Alright I have a scene for you people. Just a thought.

Let’s say there is a place with 100 000 people on one side and 100 000 on the other side. It’s a state of a country that has 12 million people. All is peace and everything is fine. Now because of “culture/religion/lack of school” the one side on a timelapse of 100 years become 1 200 000 people and the other side has 300 000 people.

That side with 1,2 million don’t want to go in the same school like the other. They want their own school with their own language. Then they want everything of their own, even the land.

Alright, let’s have peace. Give them the country because they f**k like bunnies!

As long as it’s not your country then it’s ok.

is this an attack on the illigals from mexico??
what are you like 13 years old?

As far as the latest war in iraq goes, I garuntee if there was a tax increase to pay for the war as we go, and a draft so all the little rich kids that are in collage saying it is a good thing we are doing in iraq have to go there and fight for the good thing, that the war would lose all its support in 1 second flat,

but as it is, only the people that cant afford collage are voluntering, oh yeah, then there is Black Water, who pay soldiers 300 thousand for 3 month service.

and the money is being plucked out of thin air, or at least put on our grand kids.
war profiterring is illegale, and what Black water and haliburton are doing is profiting off war, and they have every intention of starting more wars,

by the way, China owns the majority of Black Water stock, and Black water employs soldiers from 9 countries

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

The only way to make peace is to eradicate all life.

Animals fight over territory. And so do Humans. Animals DO NOT only fight when hungry.

                 Originally Posted by <b>Genjix</b>                     [![](](                 
             <i>It's human nature. If we took away all the religion, people would argue over who is the better atheist.</i>

Wow! he is right!!

I hereby am no longer an atheist! I am now a Nihilist.

If we all would just be more nihilistic, perhaps we could deal with the “Here and now” a little bit better.

Actually, I am more of a free thinker, I think I shall invent Mmph!isem . If everyone was just like me, we would all get along much better.

We will band together, and form a new country called Mmph!land , where only the Mmph!ians will be allowed to dwell .

We will all study the word of Mmph! and practice it every day.

Our national anthem will be “Tip toe through the tulips” by Tiny Tim.
The national shellfish will be the limpid.
The national color will change daily depending on my mood.
Our flag will be all white, with a picture of me on it!
The national dog will be the Chihuahua /Great Dane hybrid . (ouch!)

We will have peace and prosperity until the day the spaceship comes, Then we will all put on blue tennis shoes, and jogging suits, and drink the special punch to help us onto the spaceship. Aluminum foil hats will be optional.

On second thought, never mind…

Humans do a lot of stupid things, the Bathroom reader books are a great source for that. Also, I’ve heard of people fighting for stupid and horrible reasons.

Good thing I’m not a human if this is the case, but even us Dragons can get phsycotic.

Point proved. It happens all the time everywhere on the globe. Didn’t mention any country or anything but you assumed that it was something about Mexico.

That’s why I said - As long as it’s not your country then it’s OK or in words that you can understand. I’m more then willing give away half of Mexico to USA as long it doesn’t affect my country. Yes, I’m fat bastard sitting in the UN and deciding if Mexico should belong to US or not. You have nothing to say about it.

Catch my drift.

No, wait! That sounds perfect . . . I’m in!

All hail Mmph!