How: Foot IK with upward bones?


I try to use only upward bones, like in Mixamo.

How to setup a foot ik with upward bones? I don’t get it.

200716 human upward bones.blend (954.6 KB)



As long as they’re all connected there is no difference, you need to adjust the roll value 45 degrees for the pole target (the pole is always in x) plop in a new target bone, name it foot,ik.l parent to control and set the constraint on the fibula(shin bone) to ik in pose mode. The target is the ik and chain length of 2-3

Hi Verne,

thank you. Have you an example? I don’t get it.



Here’s the blender foundation guide to ik, it should cover what your looking for

Thank you for the video.

As I understand it: My bones are all disconnected, therefore it seams I get trouble with constraints (IK) which need connected bones.

Not true, they need not be connected, they can be parented in a chain “With Offset” and the IK still works:

Blue bone is the IK target, yellow bone has length 2 IK constraint, white bone is parent of yellow bone.

Cheers, Dr. Clock. :beers:

Cheers Dr. Clock,

good to know. I am still struggling with my parented/not connected bones.



P.S.: Could you try an foot IK with my model?