How free are repository?

I recently descovered the wonderfull world of Blender repositorys. And, even more recently, I was informed by the founder of one that I cannot use their modells commercially without specifc permsion. This seems rather reasonable, however, are their others? I contacted this founder specifically because it was suggested, but not flat out said, that I could not use the modells commercially. None of the other repository have really said anything about commercial use (that I recall) in their licence agreement. So, can we come up with some clear difirentiation? Or at least, REPOSITORY ADMINISTRATORS, PLEASE TRY TO CLARIFY ONE WAY OR ANOTHER IN YOUR LICENCE AGREEMENTS.

This is a good reason for every Blender modeler, texture maker, animator, game level creator, in fact, anyone who uses Blender at all, to become familiar with Creative Commons.

Creative Commons licences come in a wide variety, are free to use by anyone, and get creators of original work to think about several issues related to possible use of their creations before releasing them to the wild.

The issues are:
attribution: do you want credit for creating the original work?
non-commercial: do you want to restrict others from making money from your original work?
no-derivatives: do you insist that the original work be passed along unchange and whole?
derivative licence (share-alike): if you allow derivatives, must derivatives to have the same licence as the original?

Using a Creative Commons licence on your work assures others who want to use your work in their own projects that you’ve thought about these issues, made your decision, and marked that decision by choosing the appropriate CC licence. It’s fairly easy and straightforward.

Most people donating their work would probably want to use an Attribution/Non-Commercial/Share-Alike licence. This licence allows anyone to use your model or texture (or whatever) in their own projects, but does not allow those projects to be money makers. This means that if someone wanted to make a commercial project using your work, they would have to contact you to work out terms for a separate commercial licence.

It was very helpful. Now I know what questions to ask when trying to figure out what type of restrictions are on somthing.