How Game Hair Creation Is Accomplished Within Blender

Hey everyone, just a quick question here.

I’ve been searching for a while now and despite my best efforts, I haven’t found a way to create game hair other than just placing a bunch of planes on top of a model’s head. This is tedious and with a fair amount of hairstyles planned for the game I’m working on, I would love to have something a little less time-consuming.
So are there any ways out there that are doable within Blender that’s usable within a game environment and wouldn’t take a fairly good sized chunk of time?

Thanks, and take care!

sorry m8 placin a bunch of planes on the head is the best method right now,

although I suppose you could use a hair emmitter to duplicate the hair plane that way…

you could use and array , and use a empty as a object target, to basiclaly turn a single plane, into a tapered hair curve, then apply it, and adjust it from there?

Seems to me the most common method used would be model a wig, then use a good alpha texture & also if need be rig the hair.
A search for “Hair Pack” on DeviantArt will show plenty of results & examples.

Hey everyone, thanks for the replies!

Fdfxd, I’ve tried that sort of thing, and the results were, in the words of my friend, “poof as hell.” If I could somehow use that to also alter like the curve of the plane, then it would be more viable, at least in my mind.

BluePrintRandom, I never thought of that! That’s something worth looking into.

Meta-Androcto, so you would model the hair on its own as opposed to on top of the model’s head?

Thanks again everyone!

Polygon Hair Lab suggestion on forums
Varga Hair Tutorial
Anyme Style Hair addon - “amasawa tools”
Hair Factory on BlendSwap
[Addon] generate mesh from hair(with UVs) :wink:

Hey Burnin, thanks for the links!

That addon, HairMesher, looks exactly like what I want. Do you know if there is any sort of trial so that I can actually see if it would work for me? I don’t have a problem paying, but to go off of videos alone is a little too much faith work for my liking.

12 bucks. Don’t be cheap.

Yeah, already saved you 12 bucks in time spent, showing solution :wink: now get in contact with the developer or approach from another perspective - No guts, no glory!


After some time thinking about it, you’re both very much correct. I was thinking all wrong about this. =-)

Thanks so much for the help, and take care!

you can try nvidia hairworks or tressfx they have unofficial exporters, but it needs some works to implement those technologies. Hairworks is ported to Unreal and Unity, TressFx is ported only to Unity (i m not sure about Unreal)

Hey there. =-)

That HairWorks looks interesting, to say the least. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

There is also TressFX, but ive accidentaly mentioned Hairworks twice :D, Hairworks and TressFX need a lot of coding work inside of game engine (from my test Hairworks Blender exporter is working everything ok i had some issues with TressFX exporter)

If it relies too heavily on coding, then it may not be my cup of tea, unfortunately. But from what I’ve seen, HairWorks has some impressive results, so it may be worth it.

Well if you want to use Unity or Unreal then you can try Hairworks cause there are some peoples who actually are importing Hairworks to those engines, i don’t know about Cry Engine cause i ve never tried to learn it ( It’s too complex for one person ), but even if you plan to use Hairworks in your project you have to make second hair system ( for people with weaker computers )

I did see some exportation for Blender and Unity specifically for HairWorks, which is fortunate because those are my targets. I think I may just stick with that addon, or manually placing it all, though.
Thanks for your input and suggestions!

Your welcome, but remember this system needs a lot of work.

Will do. =-)

I started working on hair for a character that’s going to be imported to Unity 3D as a game asset. As such any Blender automation won’t work. So I decided to use polygons to build it out. I spent 1.5 hrs last night and got a good chunk of work done. I’m interested to watch the tutorials that burnin posted.