How good are the tutorials on the Tears of Steel dvd?

Im thinking of purchasing a copy of this movie called Tears of Steel. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. :slight_smile:

Im especially interested in the training that’s supposedly included, but im not seeing much info on what kind of tutorials are in there. Can anyone shed some light on what’s included? I’ll almost certainly buy a copy anyway (gotta support the devs, even if I am late to the party) but im curious nonetheless.


As an owner of almost all of the other tutorial series, I’m just a little curious about that as well. If the other tuts are any indication, then I would say they’re probably pretty informitive. The Cookie Crew’ll be back after the 1st. One of those guys should be able to throw some light.

yeh I haven’t really heard any reviews about the dvd itself.all i’ve heard is

“it arrived,yay” etc. etc.

In all honesty – pretty lacking. There is some stuff on tracking that is decent, but mostly they are more of walkthroughs than tutorials. and explaining how to use the DVD files