How good/bad do you visualize stuff?

When you can’t visualize anything, that’s called aphantasia and you need to do so called image streaming exercises to improve it. I don’t think I completely lack visualization skills, but they are very low, for example some people can imagine stuff and examine details in the picture they imagined, while I can only imagine usually a part of the object I want to visualize, for example instead of my car, I can imagine only the headlights, doors, hood or something smaller and even that gets lost in a second of two, I can’t imagine my entire car with all the details. I am not extremely bad though, I tried imagining a table on my workplace when I was home, there was a part of the table that was green and that wasn’t really noticeable if you don’t look at it, I imagined it and next day found out that I was correct and that that part of the table really exists.

This probably has a huge effect on my modelling and even though I have the motivation, I usually don’t know what to make, also drawing cars is probably harder without being able to visualize well due to the differences between blueprint sides and fact that you can’t always see everything on a blueprint.

What about the rest of you, does anyone else have a problem with this, or vice versa, does anyone have awesome imagination skills that helps with modelling?

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will i am mostly just like you, i have to look to photos and refrence to creat some parts of what i want to do !!!

“I can’t draw.” So, don’t ask me to draw a storyboard. But what I’ve found that I can do … and this was far more important in “pre-Eevee / Workbench days” … is to construct scenes using simple geometric objects (to scale …) and set up scenes that way. You actually can get a credible performance out of “cylinder-man with a sphere-head,” and replace them with real objects one-by-one. I actually find that this works very well for me, because even though the objects are just shapes, they’re of the right size and form-factor and so Blender’s renderings of what the scene could be are accurate from the start. (I can’t reliably draw such a thing by hand.)

So, they’re not just "pre-"visualizations …

I drop several different cameras into the scene so that I can experiment with different views without losing the other ones that looked good to me, just by switching from one to the other.

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