How good is my english?

Hi! I’m fisicomolon, I’ve been making tutorials a few years ago in spanish for blender 2.49. I’ve around 30 tutorials to cover all what I thing is basic. I’ve a few followers in my web and in youtube

Now I’m redoing the tutorials for the new versión 2.6, and I was thinking to do the tutorials in english too.

But my english sucks, I know that. But I want to know waht you people think, I know here there are people from all over the world and want to know yours opinions.

The question is … would you watch one of my english tutorials, or would you prefer to cut yours ears off?

Don’t be afraid to flame me, I want opinions, advices, or anything you believe I need.

Here it is my first tutorial in english. It’s just an introducctión to blender, it is just to test my english.


I think I’ll keep doing english tutorial even if you guys think I deserve to die, just to train my english

Thanks to everybody.

Your grammar seems to be pretty good on the whole. While your pronunciation could use a bit of work. ( For example, in your video you are pronouncing “checked” as “check’ked.” (just pretend there is no ‘e’ between ‘k’ and ‘d’ and it should sound better.) Also the ‘y’ in “physics” should be pronounced like the ‘i’ in “is”) , it is clear what you are trying to say (clarity is the most important thing :slight_smile: ).

Thank you, I’ve just corrected the words that I hesitated during the video. I have to check the pronunciation of some words before creating the videos.

And thanks a lot for see the full video, you are really brave.


I see its somehow common thing to find posts like “How do you pronounce XYZ ?” on English Native Speaking Forums (not this one),
so its not an exact science i guess…, but i never find like these on Spanish Native Speaking Forums.

This is very good english for a typical non native speaker!
pero, hay algunas palabras que no son verdad

creo que te puede usar un diccionario como en la que hay un icono del altavoz, que es muy util por la pronunciación
pero, en total, es muy bien, y es importante (en mi opinion) que te continuarse :slight_smile:

Gracias juacarlospaco.

Gracias agoose77, I sometimes use there is a speaker too, thanks for the advice and for the encouragement

I don’t mind your level of accent… it’s much better than a bad microphone, or slooowness. The “worst” part was the little hesitations and uncertainties, but that will probably get better quickly if you keep recording.

On the other hand… I’m not sure about beginners, who may not be used to video tutorials at all. And who don’t have the technical terms established in their heads already.

That’s a good point, I didn’t think about it.

You sound fine. Your accent is thick but totally understandable, and mispronunciations like “engine” and “physics” are to problem to my ear because you make them sound more like they are written. In this example, the expected sounds are switched. The second syllable of engine should sound like “in” not “ine” and the first sylable of Physics should be “is” not “eyes” but in both cases, the spellings would have one expecting to say them as you have said them. Point being, it is not hard to understand you.

Are your basic tutorials directed towards BGE from the beginning, or does that come at a later stage? If you have a niche like that, the situation is a bit different. If it’s a different perspective than for example Blendercookie’s basic tutorials, it would just be a more suitable choice for some Blender-beginners.

I agree with encn. Your english is great but you hesitate and stutter a bit. You just need more practice.
Besides that, good tutorial :slight_smile:

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Monster, isn’t this more of a resource - providing tutorials? At first i thought the title was misleading, but then read the first post.

Here it is my first tutorial in english. It’s just an introducctión to blender, it is just to test my english.

LOL :slight_smile:

I am learning English now, I can say that I understood you much better than English speaking people. Actually I understood everything what you said.

THe accent is a little thick but acceptable, English pronunciation is tricky; here is link to a great practice poem,

You could also use a teleprompter set up on a laptop or second monitor, do you do the the tutorial in a “one off” or do you do the video and then a voice over?

PS Here are 26 common English pronunciation problems that Spanish backgrounds make when learning English

Thank you everybody for your help and support.

My accent become soft if I speak with native people, but now I’m out of shape. I hope it will improve.

The mispronunciations are the easiest probem to be solved, I’ve just to check some words before to do a new tutorial.

My pauses and doubts are harder to solve, because I do the same thing in spanish, :pteaching blender and teaching maths (I’m math teacher), because I’m not just telling you what I’m doing, I’m explaining how it works, and sometimes I need a few seconds to think what is the best way to be understood, in english obviosly is harder for me. To prepare what I’m going to say and the second monitor are goods ideas, but I’m not sure if I have time to do all this stuff (tutorials in both languages, prepare both text, plus my website, forum… is too much work)

About blendercookie: They have really great tutorials, but I have another style. Shorter tutorials to understand little parts about making videogames, and a forum to help people to “join” this part to make videogames. This is a list of my old tutorials

After these tutorials, I’m making larger tutorials about how to make a full game, now I’m doing a third person shooter from 0.

This is my actual level. And I’m explaining how to do all you can see in the video.

By the way, this game is a tutorial project, and a open game team project too. If you want to join …

I think your English is fine, it’s easily understood. I think if you wrote down a bit before starting and then read it out, it could sound better but don’t over do it, or else it becomes noticeable.

Here’s a few tips that should help you improve, if you don’t mind,

It’s from Static to Dynamic, not from Static from Dynamic.
Scale is pronounced more like scaYle.
When you say Cube, you make it sound like Quve.
There is a logic connecting shortcut, here’s an example.
In English we call objects ‘it/its’ instead of ‘he/his’. But you did correct yourself.

Sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but I am only trying to help. :wink:

Your game looks awesome, good luck with it!

Grammar and spelling is all details, while the only thing that matters is whether we are able to follow everything you intent to communicate with (towards) us.

Rehearsing the text you want to record as voice-over before you actually record and if required re-record the audio will probably help to increase the overall quality but this takes a lot of additional time as well.
But I think we all rather see more videos while each video your English skills will improve,
rather then having 1 video which took you forever to make. :slight_smile:

A good job, keep on going! :smiley:

The title and the top post are explicit request for support to improve the video.
All other posts are support replies to that topic (except this one ;)).

So it is in the right forum for the right purpose.

When fisicomolon thinks his tutorial is ready for public he can open a new resource thread presenting his video. All posts will belong to the tutorial rather then discussing language ;).


Potátoes - Potàtoes :smiley: