How good is the game engine?

How powerful is the game engine in blender? If I want to make a game with good graphics (like a fantasy RPG) should I spend time learning Blender game engine, or should I find another one? Can you give me the names/sites for a couple of good game engines?

I havnt tried my hand at the game engine yet but you can use it to make a game that should run in the Ogre3d engine which is, for a free GE, impressive.

I’m sure more experience people can give you more info though

yea the BGE could make a nice graphics game and there are alot of little tricks to get good graphics on low poly models, so yea if you know what your doing and the game is well planned and you know exactlly what each bit is gona be like then the game would turn out great.

so learn the BGE it is a powerfull engine. (if you know how to use it) :wink: :smiley:

On the other hand… if you don’t know how to use it… it blows…

blender is as limited as your mind. there is allways a way to make it look better. all is there, you just have to get it out


Graphics-wise the BGE is not that powerfull. Game logic-wise it has some notable flaws. Also, there are a lot of generall issues that still have to be addressed.

Your not wasting your time learning it though, since the community is quite large and blender is being upgraded constantly. There are talks of an OGRE plug-in that will work with blender, which will make the graphics problems history (OGRE is pretty much capable of anything you see in todays most advanced games).

As with anything, you will need to know how to use the BGE, in order to get the most out of it.

Well, soon there will be the Bullet physics, and an OGRE plug-in,and also crystalblend. All of these will improve the GE by leaps and bounds. There’s also a million threads on this topic so do a search.

ya so i would learns it cause it’s gonna be realy good

sweeeeeeet… so when are they gonna come out with that ogre plugin? hmmm?

Just start making a game in Blender, and post any questions you have or problems you run into. (first search google and the forums)

dude, will the GE’s stuff work in Ogre?

They are working on it…if you are asking for a date, I must tell you that developers generally dont like being asked that, hehe

hmmmm…looks like a good investment

I don’t know why they would expect us to do anything else. I mean we are the people who wait for this stuff, and we wait for it because they tell us “it’s being worked on”, so of course we ask about it.

If they don’t want us to ask, they should not tell us about things “being worked on” until they are a month to completion.

Either way they should at least give us a rough estimate.

I have no idea about the current state of the OGRE plug in. Anyone know the people working on it?

Well, the Blender game engine is, shall i say, on the verge of a major break through. The new BUllet physics engine and the OGRE graphics system is going to rid of many old flaws of Blender GE.


Here is some info on the Ogre plugin

and the start of a project page on sourceforge


Ya, Erwin and snailrose are the two [gods] behind the…


(it deserves its own line :D) thanks for the info

BUMP for the sheer greatness of snailrose and erwin.

>>The Gibi Reborn>> Yes, the blender GE is definitely worth learning. The engine was a little stagnant a few years ago (but Kester Maddock updated it little by little). Now Erwin and Charlie’s working on it and after their portions are more or less integrated (bullet and Ogre realtime rendering), the engine would be superb. We’ll just be missing a good audio system, and multiplayer.

“This project is planed to be released for testing by the end of August 2006.”

:DI’ll definitely be waiting for that. Lol, count me among the first to rush and download it to test.

Jason Lin

:DI’ll definitely be waiting for that. Lol, count me among the first to rush and download it to test.

me too!

*scabootssca cant wait