How good is the game engine?

I’d like to know how well this works. Ive read it’s pretty good, not the best. What’s your opinion?

The current capabilities of the BGE are more than enough to make a compelling game (actually, it’s overkill in many cases).

The problems that people usually attribute to “missing/inadequate engine features” are actually tied to personal shortcomings that would inhibit progress in any engine, no matter how advanced.

Also, there is a misguided focus on AAA re-creations, where someone who doesn’t know anything about programming will start out with unreasonably high expectations, trying to remake Crysis, or something like that (which wouldn’t be possible for any single developer, even with the latest and greatest software - those games were built by teams of highly-paid professionals, and it took them years to do it).

Long story short: The BGE is good enough, but it takes more than a good engine to make a good game.

Agreed with Goran.

Blender is great for starting out, plus it has two a bonuses.

  1. Its free.
  2. When you get board of the GE you can go make an animation.

Honestly, I have been surprised at how good the game engine is. I’m quietly working away on a game at the moment and I have been so impressed with it. If you utilize tools like LOD and culling, then you can pack quite a lot into the engine, and have it run at a fairly stable frames per second.

I personally like how the game engine “feels”. What I mean by that is with, say, Unity I always feel a bit constrained. Theres no modelling tools, no UV unwrapping tools, you cant animate armatures etc… Whereas with blender I always have the knowledge that anything in the scene can be edited/modified/animated/textured/baked right there right then in the editor. The whole process feels a lot more fluid and elegant to me.

I would definitely learn how to use python with the game engine. Its such a versatile and effective way to glue everything together.

What are the specs of your computer? If you’ve got a pretty good graphics card, then your in for a treat. I moved from an nvidia 9800gt to a GTX580 and its a joy to use with the engine.

I just want to make a lil game, I do have dreams of bigger things. But I have come to terms that I won’t be able to do tht for a while. I wanna make just a lil shooting game, like a min arcade game.

Certainly I agree with “it takes more than a engine to make a good game”. However, I think that the BGE miss some features. BUT, as klauser said, the possibility to just edit anything you want on the fly is aweeesooommee, and I don’t know a any other engine that can do that.
You can model, texturize, animate, setup the logic, script, and just hit “P” and you’ll see your work. If you don’t like it, then you can just hit “Esc” and keep improving what you want. No need for any other external. BGE is a really awesome tool, and I think it needs more love by the developers…
BTW, what happened with that patch that add Soft and Alpha shadows to the BGE?

I have a lenovo. It’s alright, I mean I can play video recorded in AVCHD n windows movie maker but Can’t work in sony Vegas. So if tht tells you anything. Idk, It’s a lenovo pc. Thts al know and t has AMD VISION

Go to your control panel, or right click on your desktop to find your graphics card- since there are quite a few different specs on different Lenovo’s.

AMD E-300 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.3o GHz

ive questioned this myself but after severaly attempts at switching to unity witch is also a good engine. i stuck with blender like many others have said on this forum, you wont find a quicker esier engine to develope games and for the most part you dont even need to know scripting, or coding.

The new Harmony branch being added in the new update will take it even further.

Yeah, But I’d like to learn scripting, I mean it would be a useful thing to know, and you kinda do have to know how to script. Blender style.

If you want to learn python ’ ’ is probably the best place.

and learn how to use the blender api (

It’s a bit limited in the physics department, it doesn’t have a hardcoded particle effects system, and Python is a bit too slow to fill in the feature gaps efficiently. Those are the main drawbacks. Other than that, it has a brilliant materials system (if a bit complicated when it comes to transparency effects) and an amazingly efficient workflow.

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But, you are here (in THE BGE forum) to read our opinion. This is my one:

The best game engine ever ;).

Proof me wrong :cool:!

OMG I didnt know about that o.o Kupoman, youre really awesome!

When this branch will be merged??

For me… BGE = The easiest gameengine ever! - press ‘p’…

I second that,… I strongly believe the BGE is up to the task. And while at this, I learn more about BGE every day.
Yet most game-developers aren’t able to understand that it takes more then one person to accomplish such huge tasks.

Well said!
BGE is the best game engine ever! :cool:
I’d say: proof me right! :smiley:

If you look at it in the amount of flexibility to production and workflow, the BGE pretty much levels the playing field with the professionals Game engines with all the horsepower. By the time an average blender user can max out the game engine to a point its useless, you would have game assets fully realized, characters with animation and gameplay prototyped and refined.

People used to build pyramids thousands of years ago…

Just saying, it’s not the tools but the user that create nice games with the tools he has.

So, could I create a game then burn it on a disk, and play it from there without using blender?