How hard is 3D art? Should I proceed?

Hi, I’ve done just a few tutorials(Mostly from “Blender3D from Noob to Pro wiki”) so I’m not good at all, I’m also really lousy at drawing IRL!
Anyway to the point, I need to come up with a project for school (Got like half a year to get the work done) and I cannot come up with something at all!
Since I do find this stuff a bit interesting I was thinking of perhaps doing something in Blender 3D but I’m worried…

I was thinking of some low poly project, perhaps a house with furniture and stuff inside? Kinda along the lines of this:
So I’m wondering if you guys could set me straight here:

  1. Should I do this or is it too hard for me?
  2. If I should proceed with this, can you give me some tips on what to think about?
  3. If anyone know a good tutorial on these kind of stuff please tell me!

Oh and I’m sorry if this is off topic but I’m not really sure where this belongs. I was thinking of off-topic at first but this is related to 3D and Blender.

Modeling isn’t hard, just a different medium. For me it’s easier to draw organic, but harder to draw geometry.In 3D is vise versa. Geometry (manmade) i think is much easier to model then organic (natural) in the 3D world. Here’s a tutorial I like on How to model, texture and render a photorealistic kitchen.

This is the link to the tutorial ronthehybrid was referring to:

As to your question, I’d say give it a try but be patient. The tutorial above is really good, everything is explained step by step. My guess is you’ll learn quickly by following along.
Good luck!

Hah that seems like a really great tutorial, it felt very newbie friendly.

Thanks guys! :smiley:

Be prepared for a lot of incoming questions in the future! :evilgrin:

If you’re interrested in these thinks, just try it out and you’ll see how far your passion will carry you. Just keep in mind that blender and any other programm is only a tool. What you are trying to get into is some kind of art or craft, that lies beyond the technical dimensions of meshes, textures and parameters. So make sure you also check out some tutorials on photography, painting, drawing, design, composition, lighting etc… those will help you a lot.
Here is an article you might wanna read:

My recommendation is stop worrying so much. The worst thing that could happen is you end up with a bunch of “old versions” that are not the greatest 3D art in the world and will probably be pretty bad. But the best stuff I’ve made has been after many tries, I’ll delete the entire thing and start all over and use what I learned about my failure. Just pick a tutorial and try it! So what if it sucks.

I mean this in an encouraging way!

I am kind of in the same boat as the OP. :smiley: How long does it take to get good at blender? I am still very new and am really enjoying blender and 3d modeling. I am a senior at high school and am thinking about going to college for 3d modeling. My question is how long does it take to become a decent modeler? I ask because i am wondering if i should take slow while i learn blender or whether i should practice with blender a lot more.

thats like saying “ok how long dose it take till im a millionaire”, it’s all about applying yourself to something that you want to do and if you practice enough, over time you will gain skills though that experience…:yes:

If you want to model, learn how to draw.
look at those two zbrush sculpts you’ll see what I mean:

The two guys that did these had no experience in modelling at all, those were their first attempts at sculpting in zbrush, after having seen an introductional presentation at an art-con (so they knew some of the strange aspects of zbrush beforehand). learning the programm is really the smallest part in whatever you want to do later on. I think this way of thinking is not established in 3D forums or at least it hasn’t been back when I thought about 3D and decided to focus on painting.