How hard is Particle hair?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I’m working on trying to make my own little… i guess you could call it a web series using Blender.

I’ve tried alot on Polygon hair. It seems like 1/10 tries looks decent. It’s getting a bit frustrating and i feel like the hair is being one of the main attributes of my model that will define how good the character will look.

I started looking into just what other’s have made in terms of 3D hair, without being program specific.
then i came across this.

I really love it because it kind of fits with the style of the character’s i’m creating!

Now i understand that one annoying thing is when i kid comes up to you with an example and says “teach me how to make this.” without caring much for the process needed and just wanting the result then and there.

I don’t want to come across like i’m acting like that however. I’m using an example to try and ask some questions.
The example is just one that i really enjoyed.

So being that i have little experience with particles, the things i’m wondering about would be;

  • Is hair with that kind of detail (Seeing the strands, having a bounce to it, and having many triangular like strands to it) something very difficult to get right?
  • How does particle hair fair with animation? Does it become a hassle and have to be carefully watched and tweaked to make sure nothing is going wrong?
  • How does particle hair effect the Render time and can the 3D view while editing in blender be simplified to reduce the lag while editing?
  • Can you animate it to be a bedhead temporarily?
  • Can Wind affect it?
  • Lastly, how difficult is it to get it into a nice shape that you are aiming for?

I appreciate and thank you all for your advice and help ^-^

if you wanna see what my Polyhair looks like, this would be my best one currently.

A good way to go is using Cloth simulations you can get some nice dynamic hair using that (this is general 3d not Blender specific) I used to be a 3DS Max user and did many tests using cloth simulations for hair with some nice results. With the look you are going for I don’t think that Particle hair would be worth it, go with the polygon look.