How hard is substance designer to learn?

Hey there! I’m a intermediate blender user been using blender for arround 7 months now, I have a good grasp on a lot of things! Planning on learning substance designer! How hard is it to learn I’m not new to 3D or media in general my real job is a bollywood film editor so yes I know my media pretty well, and 3D principles! just never had the time to try out 3D till now :joy:

Also is substance panter and desinger different? How so? What would u have me an intermediate learn first :thinking:

Cheers for all the help love this community :cupid:

If your familiar with compositing and blend modes (or just pixel math in general) it shoudn’t be too hard. Might take a bit of time to wrap your mind around some concepts if your unfamiliar with it, but it isn’t too complex.

Painter is stricktly for applying material to 3D models. Designer is for creating materials (that are also usable in painter).

Substance Designer is a tool just to create materials. You can use these materials for your 3d objects in other tools like Blender or Substance Painter.
Substance Painter is the tool for texturing and painting on 3d models directly.

By your question I think you want to learn these tools for texturing. In that case Substance Painter is the appropriate choice. Once you know materials work and where every texture fits you can learn Designer too as it will increase your ability to create great materials infinitely.

Thankyou for your input will definitely try it out!

Thanks man rn at the moment just want to make some pbrs I’ve been told desiner is the best for that is that true ?

Also by blend nodes u mean the same as photoshop right? Darken screen all that?

for PBR materials Designer should be used… you can create generic tileable textures that you can use in Painter, Blender on your models

for PBR texturing Painter should be used… you can texture and paint your model and after you are done it will give you PBR textures specific to the model that you can use in Unreal or any other renderer…

good video which points out the differences…

jump to 07:00

Personally I have both…and regardless how easy others say they are…they are NOT easy to learn…there are not a lot of tutorials that help you to understand Designer, what each node does or how to use them. Most tutorials are “let’s make this or that” but are not a lot of help when you want to make something of your own! Painter is a bit easier to learn and better tutorials , at least to get the basics down…

I am not trying to discourage you as both programs are superb for what they CAN DO, but you will run into a steep learning curve when first starting in either one!

I would suggest you try Material Maker … it is FREE and you will be able to get a feeling for what Designer is like…if you feel good about your results in Maker then you should have no problem working with Designer.

Since Allegorithmic/Corel switched to subscription base…at least you are not having to drop a few hundred $ on each.

Thanks for the valuable feedback :slight_smile: will keep it in mind valar morgulis!

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Substance Painter follows the same concept as any photo editing software… you have alphas, layers and macros (like everything media editing based)… the only thing which is a bit challenging (at least to me) is the two different types of navigation in 3D space from Blender compared to Substance. Substance painter works with some sort of surface aiming… which means whatever you point to or wherever the cursor is, will be focussed at. And if you are trapped inside the mesh it will drive you crazy at times. Some will say: “Oh that’s easy… just change key-mapping”… which I am too lazy todo.
But in general, I find Substance Painter was easy to get into. Just understand layering hierarchy and what certain filters and generators will do , and you will be there in no time.

If you have decent background knowledge you should be able to pick up Painter in a day. It’s relatively simple software. Designer is a lot harder as the technical skill ceiling is huge compared to painter and you’ll probably need to specialize in it a bit to make worthfile things from scratch.