How have I lost these faces?

After deforming an egg shape with a lattice, there are some faces that don’t appear in edit mode. But when I change to object mode everything is there. What happens?
You can see it here:
I’m working with version 2.40 alpha1.

In edit mode, try pressing alt+h. I’m guessing you might have pushed H with certain vertices selected which will hide them in edit mode (which is very useful at times). Alt+h should unhide them (or there is a button in the edit buttons somewhere that says unhide vertices).

That was the answer!
But I don’t remember pressing alt-h. And I had repeated the process twice, and in both cases I have lost some faces.
This has happened only to me with the lattice deform.

I forgot to thank you, blazer03.

No problem. It’s easy to hit H instead of G to grab by accident.