How high are you? (above sea level)

Posting to Apollux’ new global map I used my altitude as a tag line, we are in a 3D world after all, and then it seemed like an interesting idea to know how high everyone is. I’d guess most everyone is at or near sea level.

Here where I live we are just under 2 kilometers high. Someday I hope to make my way to sea level too, then I can run like a super hero. :slight_smile:

You should change the title to “How high are you above sea level”. I got the wrong impression from the title as it is now… %|

Anyhoo, I’m about 150 - 200m above sea level here.

Can’t we have a negative height? I live in Holland…

ha ha, lower than sea level didn’t occur to me. Very interesting. :slight_smile: I don’t see any way to edit the poll. How do you do that? If you’re an admin maybe add two levels below sea level, down to 1K or so? Bother, and after the fiasco in New Orleans too.

hey! and what about the Dutch blenderheads! :stuck_out_tongue:

hey, thanks to the admin! Much appreciated.

And who posted above 2500?!! Thin air up there.

is there a map of sea levels i can use?

Which one you talking about? They each have their own map and you need a special program to calibrare their data sets.


Just use the Dutch map because they seem to want to readjust the base level. :slight_smile:

Data curve is thin but the big numbers are at water level. Meters are hard to translate. I guess we’ll have to get used to them eventually here in the States, but the language barrier is difficult.

Well the 0-500meter is very general. I travel like 400-500 km just for slalom skiing on a decent hill that is 272 meter above see level. I live on 6 meters above see level. I would be impressed by a 500m mountain! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. You should travel to Chile. They’ve got their mountains right at the Pacific Ocean!
Yes, Chile looks cool! Mountains are great for a change, but I think it’s ok with flatlands - very practical!