How How can I make a walkthrough with a navigation window ?

Hi all!
I am still a newbie for Blender. I’m using Blender for architectural visualizations. This is my problem. I want to make a walkthrough with a navigator window. I mean when camera’s view playing, in an another small size window(plan of the house or building) should indicate the position where camera’s moving. So anyone know how can I solve this problem? Using python script probably make this happen?

sure. have two cameras, 1) the walkthru and 2) orthographic in top view, way high. add a dot way high, and constrain it to copy the XY (but not Z) location of camera one. As camera 1 moves around the house, the dot will shadow it. composite the two cameras, probably camera two in the corner. Instead of a dot you could use a traingle, and also copy rotation to make it face like camera 1 is.

It could be done by rendering the walkthrough and nav window as separate elements and then using the Compositor to bring them together into a single image. If you want to have them both render out at the same time, things get more complicated, and would depend somewhat on the nature of the nav window art and animation. I’ve used separate Scenes combined in the Compositor using Render Layers and such nodes as Translate and Scale to good effect for similar kinds of things, mainly title art and text overlays, but I think a nav window would be feasible using the same process.

PapaSmurf, good idea on the nav map production, I’m taking notes :smiley:

Thanks PapaSmurf. I understood what you meant.According to your concept what’s the output? I guess it might be a video. Am I right? So if it is then how can I composite it? Video editing software must be needed? Otherwise don’t you know any interactive method ,something out put is a .exe ?

Thank you Chipmasque. I think you also saying similar idea which PapaSmurf gave. Is there special compositor to composite scenes in Blender? Or do I have to use separate software for this thing.
If I want to create an interactive walkthrough such as game environment, what you suggest to do?

Here’s how i would do things:

  • Build your structure with your camera path in mind. It’s important to know where you want to go first, so you can focus on details in those areas more, and save time elsewhere.

  • Put in the camera. There are two ways you can have the camera move through the building:

  1. Use a bezier curve to define the path, and constrain the camera to it with a ‘Follow Path’ modifier. (Remember to check CurveFollow also)

  2. Keyframe the camera manually. More work than the above, but allows far more control if your path is complicated.

  • Then you want to place a plane above the building (so it can’t be seen from the internal camera), and map the 2D building plans to it so that it matches the scale and position of the building below.

  • Add a triangle or circle shaped object above the plane for the position marker.

  • Add another camera set to orthographic (button in the editing panel (F9)) looking down at the plane and the marker.

  • Apply a ‘Copy Location’ constraint to the orthographic camera and the marker, targeted to the main pathed camera (uncheck ‘Z’ if your pathed camera moves up or down through it’s path).

  • Now depending on whether you want the plans or the marker to rotate as the pathed camera changes orientation you also add a copy rotation modifier to one of the two, also targeted at the main pathed camera. You may want to uncheck both X and Y in the settings for that modifier if the pathed camera rotates around anything but the Z axis.

  • Render both camera views out seperately. We usually render out initially as .PNGs, for the best result. It’s not a good idea at this point to render out to a video format as you need still need to sequence anyway.

  • Now normally we would use Premier to add both videos and composite them as desired (with the plan view in a smaller window in the corner of the main animation), but it can be done through the sequencer. That’s a bit of a black art to me, but I’m sure someone else can offer advice on the best way to do it.

Hope that helped!

Thank you So much Dan_G I think this would help me so many ways…

If you are going to combine two animations that have been saved as image sequences (individual frames), I suggest you try the Blender Compositor to combine them. I find it more versatile for some operations than the Video Sequencer. It has both Scale and Translate nodes that will allow you to size and position the navigation map with a great degree of control.