How i can apply a specular map correctly?

I am trying to apply a spec. map but i have got a problem.
When the light fall to the model then the color of the lighted area turn grayscale. (just like the spec.'s map color)
I am using the blender render.
So, how i can correctly apply a spec map using the blender render?

Set the material specularity to zero
In the texture / influence settings set the spec map to influence the Specular Intensity
white = 1 = full specular intensity
black = 0 = zero specular intensity

I fixed the problem…here is what i have done.

I created another specular map but this time i desaturate only a little (about 30%) and i only went to levels and i move the right bar (or arrow) to the center, there who i see it fit.
I didn’t increase it’s contrast or it’s brightness after that.

Then i went to the blender>material and i increase the hardness of the material. (it needed high hardness for the material that i used)
After that i applied the specular color map and it worked.

The lighting was correct at my object and the color was fine.

The problem is solved!