How i can attach clothes to my rigged body?

How i can attach my top to that character? When i try to do this top won’t stick to body you see how is it.

So problem is that: I can’t attach my pants boots and top, help please

Put the armature in rest position

Parent your cloths to the armature - select automatic wieghts

Careful weight-painting to avoid clipping

  1. Armature at rest
  2. Select clothing item
  3. Add data transfer modifier with your character as source object. move it to top of the mod stack.
    • check vertex data box, nearest vertex
    • click generate data layers button
    • apply the modifier
  4. Parent the clothing item to the armature with empty groups
  5. Make sure the armature mod is at the top of the mod stack
  6. Test out some poses.
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İf I do this can I make my clothes switchable In ue4?

That’s a whole different thing. I believe there are things on the UE marketplace that will allow you to do this… like a template, but beyond that I have no clue.