How I can contact creators of Povray rendering add-on?

Sorry, if this is wrong forum to ask…

Povray add-on wiki says that it was developed by Campbell Barton, Silvio Falcinelli, Maurice Raybaud and Constantin Rahn. I don’t know who I should contact. I have three development needs, two trivial and one (possibly) a bit bigger.

  1. There should be possibility to send frame number to POV export code (so Povray code could utilize it).
  2. There should be possibility to #include a external code file of Povray code (again, for making things which are not possible in blender like mathematical solid CSG).

Those I already implemented myself, one line each to existing Python add-on. But there should be supported system and my ad hoc solution is probably not very elegant.

  1. Exporter should support texture animation. This might be a bigger job. Blender image sequence and current Offset value should be evaluated and then the texture would be the correct one. This works in BI and in Cycles.

I am even willing to pay some small sum of money for these to be added to official exporter. If number 3 is not too troublesome, this could be very small work and would be very valuable to all Povray exporter users.

So, who should I contact?

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I don’t speak English.:frowning:
My work:

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