how i can control scale using a PATH?

hi i need some help, im modelling a tail, it’s composed by segments equals, but at different scales, is there any way to control the scale for the segments, in array modifier?
i want control the scale using a PATH
I’m new with blender

Perhaps you could explain a little more about what your trying to do, because I don’t think I quite understand.
Is the scale of each segment going to animated? Why not model them and use bones to scale the segments?

i want make something like this tail, i do it before, but i scale manually every segment of the tail, i use a mesh like the lower, i want use the curve or path to modify the scale of the segments(some segments have more scale than the others)

tailSample.blend (469 KB)

I really can’t think of a method of doing this without having already extruded a number of loops and faces. It took me a little under a minute to make a similar structure manually so I have doubts of any other method being much more efficient. I would think that by the time you’ve prepared the loops for some modifier, you could be done.

now i figured that i can use array modifier to generate the structure ( just need join manually every segment) and later use lattice.
this give me a more smooth appereance, but this is not much efficient, i need make around 64 segments for other partuntitled.blend (382 KB)