How I can get a soft glossy effect?

Hello. I’m trying to get a soft glossy effect for my washer so I can bake the textures and import to Second Life/Open Sim.
But my glossy effect looks gross, and not cute.

I want this effect:

But I’m having this gross thing:

My nodes:

I’ll be very grateful for your help!
Ps: I’m using cycles.

that node setup is whats gross. match colors, thats why they are there.

really, you only need a glossy shader with the “Roughness” turned up to your liking.

BE WARNED: glossy, SSS, and other light dependent shaders will NOT bake properly.

And you can’t mix textures with shaders! Mind the sockets colors, as green sockets can only be connected to other green sockets.

If you are using the most recent version of blender I am sure the principaled shader setup will be quite similar to the one I am using from a while back that I got from here it is quite similar in use as the principaled shader in the current blender build. Most everything needed is contained into one central node.

PS. No picking on my render time as I am on my little ole i3 laptop with no gpu and 8 gigs of ram. And as the others mentioned try to remember color coding of the node input/output plugs most always they need to match up with their respective colors.

Generally you want to fresnel shader mix glossy in slot #2 with everything that is not bounced off in slot #1 (diffuse, subsurface, translucency, refraction, or a mix of these). Use Mix Shader to mix shaders (green slots), use Color Mix to mix colors or floats (yellow or grey slots).