How I can improve my mouth sculpt?

I think it sucks, after all, but maybe you have any tips how i can improve it. Thanks in advance!


I would say it depends on what the rest of the character is like. This could work depending on what style you are going for.

It might just be personnal preference, but I think this is a bit too intensely detailed. The harsh ridges around the lips could be a bit smoother, especially if you intend to texture the model: the texture would also contain a transition between the skin and lips, so you don’t need to have that border this strongly present in the model.

Other than that, it would most likely be easier to model a mouth semi-open rather than closed. Not only would it be easier to sculpt, but also easier to texture and rig when the surfaces don’t touch. The contact point between the lips looks bumpy and I suspect this might be the cause.


Does the crease under your lower lip look normal? It and the muscles around my mouth bother me the most. They stick out too much for me. Otherwise, this is my third attempt at lips sculpting, so from the rest of the character, just the blocking. About the open mouth and borders I get it, although the course I watch, sculpts a closed mouth, maybe that topic will be revealed in the future. Thanks.

It’s strong, but it could work, especially if this is meant to be an older character.

I think it might be the ridges on the sides of the chin that clash with the rest of the face.

There are stylized characters with a big chin like this, but from a quick search, I couldn’t find any with such sharp ridges. The sides of the chin seems to be kept much smoother. I did see some similar ridges in some photos, but they are never this sharp and they seem to appear mostly with facial expressions.

Sculpting a closed mouth is fine if you are doing a static sculpt and is even a great learning exercise, but will becomes an annoyance if you intend to go through the rest of the pipeline and make an animation.

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Okay, I’ll keep practicing. Thanks again.

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