How i can make my particles to come from selected faces of my model?

I want to make my particles to come from my selected faces of my model.
I don’t want to create another extra shapes to make my particles to come from there.

So, is it possible to make particles to come from selected faces in blender?

Vertex weights and the Vertex Groups option in the particle settings
Or once you add a particle system you will have the option to add a particle texture which you can use to influence the particle density


particle_face.blend (4.37 MB)

Can you please explain me step by step how i can do that?
I’m beginner to blender’s particles and i can’t understand it.

Here is a particle system controlled by a vertex group that I made in 90 seconds. Change youtube to 1080p.

Thanks Photox!
I have found it thanks to you!

But i also need to know how i can have fluid simulation with these type of particles.
I want to fill a bowl with water.

is there any way to make the particles that come from the mesh “1” to be collided to mesh “1”?


For fluid simulations, just use the built-in fluid simulator, doing this with particles doesn’t seem right to me…

ok, i will try.
Thanks Mourlie!