how I can play position animation and shapekeys on blender 2.62?

I updated my game to 2.62, its uggly compared to the other version but for the demo I think that it ll work, and its less heavy too, but I m having trouble in play position and rotation animations with the shapekeys that I brought from the 2.57 version, looks like that it can only play shapekey animation or location animation, what should I do to fix this?

In Blender 2.62 the two animations are played with the same aktuator so the animation system only plays the animation with the highest priority.

There are two ways to fix that.

  1. Parent your object to an empty and play the location on it.
  2. Use the new layer value on the action actuator to mix both animations.

I think the second method is the best.

Shape_2.59.blend (402 KB)
Shape_2.62_Fix_empty.blend (312 KB)
Shape_2.62_Fix_Layer.blend (310 KB)

wow, thanks HG1, again! eheh, I tought about the parent things with empties but it would add more work to the project, but I didnt understood the layer thing untill now, now its working properly, at least a small part of the animations, thanks a lot.