How I can print the screen of a game

I want to catch the screen of the room with the texture and all I have in the room of the game,through of python or some function special, i don’t now how I can do this.

On Windows? Thats what the Print Screen button is for, just edit the other stuff out using some image editing program. Or you can use python code(taken from someone elses demo but its pretty basic):

import Rasterizer
cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
obj = cont.getOwner()
sep = ""
num = str(obj.counter)
filename = sep.join([num,".BMP"])
obj.counter += 1

and attach that to an always sensor with pulse on.

thanks for the help, i will try to do

Hi, i have a problem , i did that you told me, this is the problem:
in the “import Rasterizer” because I didn’t can run the script…
i don’t know whta to do.
i am using the Blender 2.42
and Python 2.4