How i can put a bump map on a video with blender video editor?

Hi, i want to apply a bump map on my video the same way gimp applies bump map on images.

so, is there any way to do that on blender?
i haven’t found anything on google and so i’m asking this question here.


for example, the 1st image is without the effect that i want to do

and the second one is after the bump map effect that i want to do.

so, is there any way to make this effect in a video with blender as video editor?


Relief effect as you want requires a lot of duplicating and stacking of effects. It is not a straightforward effect as you must create it from scratch.

  1. import source media and duplicate it vertically
  2. add a gaussian blur to the duplicate layer, dial in small blur x and y
  3. add a transform effect to that and move small value on x and y
  4. on the transform effect add a color curve modifier and invert the image
  5. group all these to a metastrip
  6. add another color hue modifier and remove the color set the strip to multiply and color curve to enhance the edge effect

i lost it at step 4
how i can invert the image?

and on the step 5 how i can group the effects to a metastrip?


edit: ok, i found how i can invert the image but how i can group the effects on a metastrip?
i still didn’t found that.

2nd edit: ok, i found how i can add all these to a meta strip

Sorry I was a bit tired when I made that. Hope it helped.

For others invert an image by adding a color curve modifier then drag the points of the curve so the slope goes the opposite way.
To group a series of selected strips press ctrl-G.

Now I would like to know, did it work?

it appears as it was before…should i change the “blend mode” or something like that?