How i can put noise to my material?

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to create a plastic material.
I need to learn how i can put noise to my material so it will look like plastic.

Any ideas on how i can do that in blender?


noise texture -> surface, than set the right “scale” value for texture.

I have change the scale of the noise but,
the noise is still the same scale (it seem it just change it’s random seed…maybe).
I have even set the scale to zero (and i also change it to -100) and the scale is still that too much small.
Why does this happens? Why whenever value do i put the scale stills too much small?

I have found a way to do that by adding texture>type clouds>basics menu>improved perlin.
I think this is a good enough noise for my plastic.

Thank you for telling me about the texture property area.

But how i can put it on my other material as normal map or bump map?

instead of a noise or clouds texture, try a stucco or Musgrave texture scaled way down.
(edit) to make it bump, go to the influence panel in textures, and check the ‘normal’ box. you might want to uncheck the box for diffuse color, which is enabled by default.

Thanks Modron!
I have made the noise effect but, how i can put the noise effect to my material as normal or bump?

I edited that into my previous post. You must have read it just after I posted it, before editing.

I was meaning i want to apply this noise effect to another material,
so the another material takes the noise effect as a bump or normal map.

just go to your other material, go to it’s texture channels, click on an empty slot/channel, and select the desired texture