how i can triangulate only 1 ngon face?

I have got a model with some ngons and i want to make those ngons to be consist from 3 or 4 edges.
I saw the remesh modifier but the modifiers can’t be applied in edit mode and if i apply any modifier in object mode, the modifier apply to all of my object.

Have you got any ideas how i can re-mesh to triangles or quads my ngon faces?

Select face and Ctrl+T to triangulate it.
You can use Alt+J to convert the tris to quads or just join adjacent triangles with F

To triangulate your ngons faces

  • in Edit Mode, unselect all

  • On the bottom of the 3D view, click on Select -> Select Faces by Side
    Press F6 (or look into the Operator Panel, bottom of the toolshelf, to the left of the 3D View) and change “Equal To” into “Greater Than” so it will select all the faces that have more than 4 edges (so it will select all the ngons)

  • Press CTRL+F -> Triangulate Faces or CTRL+T directly and the selected ngons will be triangulated.

edit : Richard Marklew was faster :slight_smile:

Thanks both of you for your help!