How I fix this (topology?)


Good afternoon / Helloz

So I want to make a hole in a door, i will want to separate (extrude) the cut but I am having an issue

So subdivided and edge 3 times, then I extruded edge (2 edges) both ways on Z. Now I have 2 faces one in each. I tried to X (Faces) the big on and then I connected vertexes and it was fine but now the other one has an issue, how can I fix it?

there were 2 pics but I guess as a new user I can only show 1 (so the 2nd one will stay)

(James) #2

So you’ve ended up with an wanted hole, right? You can select the edges round the edge of the hole and press F to fill it.


I know I used F to fill between 2 edges I wanna know how to properly fix the 2 other holes (i know to just select 2 Edges and press F to fill it with a face) but I think I will have trouble later on. Its kinda hard to explain without typing so much
Now even If i fix some of it, i still cannot fill the 2 remaining holes

nevermind seems I was trolled by myself, the 2 remaining holes were fixed too but since I usually have the backface culling, all I saw was a hole, since the normals for some reason were reversed o_O